Who we are: We are a family owned and operated company based out of New Jersey. Thinking back, finding the right kind of business for us was a must.  With a family member’s health failing, we were now motivated to get to work. We began with a couple of thoughts in mind. We wanted to bring back the great tasting all -natural soda pop from long ago, sell it in a nifty container ( a souvenir people would cherish forever), and keep our ever growing family together. We also wanted to be different from other businesses, work with people, and be able to promote volunteerism and support for our fellow Firemen, Policemen, EMS and Armed Forces. It was important for us to find a way to help, since we have so many family and friends that are Fireman, Policeman, Medical Personnel and in the Armed Forces — even if it’s just a little. As our Grandma always said “a little goes a long way”! After an extraordinary amount of research, development, and yes even some family sparring (the girls won most of the matches) we were off to a great start!

Moving forward, we have developed beautifully hand-crafted stainless steel mugs. All are Dishwasher safe, Freezer safe and Great for Hot or Cold liquids. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and theme choices. They can be personalized for that special someone or event (Weddings, Birthdays, Holidays, etc). In addition, with our unique vending booths, we do all types of shows, festivals, functions, private events and parties.

We have started  for any Fire, Police, EMS, and Military divisions that donate a patch to our patch boards, a Raffle called the Silver City raffle.  In addition, we run a contest through our booth called The Silver City Challenge — our customers love it! Having served thousands of patrons, we consistently receive outstanding awards everywhere we go. We have won awards for vendor of the year, most customer friendly, best tasting beverage, and most original booth! Here’s what some of our customers have to say…

Joan and Mike from RI wrote — “You guys are Great! We had a lot of fun taking the Silver City Challenge! We use your mugs for our coffee in the morning and drinks with our friends on the weekend…. Love You Guys !!!”

Bruce and Tim from Saratoga, NY wrote — “Our friends want these mugs, they love them and your soda is awesome !!!”

Mary and Tom from CT wrote — “Had the best time ever at any fair after finding you guys, your soda is fantastic, your mugs are the bomb and Tom asked me to Marry him! We want to purchase your mugs as our wedding gifts for the bridal party” …

 A special thanks goes out to our customers for sharing their thoughts and stories with us…

 Peace and happiness to all!

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